Upping the intake of salt is only one of several ways to ensure good health.

Another way is to regularly ingest essential minerals.

There are a few ways to boost the intake of minerals in our body

We can take expensive supplements peddled by shady marketers.

I regularly see people spend more than $4,000.00 a year (per person) on supplements.

Even worse, one of the biggest supplement pushers (an old buddy of mine) admitted they did not work. Yes, he is literally selling snake oil disguised as mineral supplements.

Another way is to get our minerals from food.

Unfortunately, most food is stripped of essential nutrients (thanks to GMO food manufacturers). It is literally impossible to get enough minerals from foods.

Finally, we can drink our way to good health

I have been experimenting with drinking sparkling mineral water from glass-bottles. I started this experiment the last week of May (2015).

This is the same mineral water that rich people and royalty use to live extended, healthy lives. It is one of their best-kept secrets to vitality and longevity.

I got off to a rocky start

Much like my initial salt experiment, the first week was a bit rough...

I drank too much at once. And as a result, I was urinating every other hour. Of course, I could not sleep well that night.

Today, I have hit the sweet spot - drinking about 4 ounces a day - every day.

As with salt, we all have different sweet spots. I always recommend slowly upping the intake. And back off a bit when we urinate more than normal.

I (try to) drink it in the morning - just after drinking my orange-juice salt drink. If I drink it later in the day, I have to urinate in the middle of the night.

I invested an entire weekend searching for a great source of mineral water.

The problem with most mineral waters is they are bottled in plastic, contain too much fluoride - even have high amounts of dangerous arsenic.

Today, my mineral water of choice is Gerolsteiner from the Volcanic Eifel region in Germany. It is the Cadillac of mineral waters.

And it is affordable, too - a little more than 10 cents an ounce. This works out to $2.58 a week per person.

This is no typo. For less than $10 a month, our body gets nourished through liquid mineralization.

So far, I am impressed with the benefits of mineral balancing via sparkling water.

The first week of my experiment produced nothing notable.

But soon after, I noticed a gradual elimination of my brain fog.

I have had brain fog almost all of my life...

Instead of complaining about it, I simply accepted it.

But recently, it got worse. So bad I fainted in a restaurant.

So bad, I even stopped live podcasting. (This was REALLY hard on me as I love to talk.)

But today, I am thrilled to report that my brain fog rarely appears.

From my research, brain fog is a HUGE and widespread issue. It is usually associated with mineral imbalances.

The good news is I feel like I was reissued a new body.

Stay tuned. As always, when I have more to say about mineral balancing, I will add them in this space.