We have been lied to all our lives by the people we thought we could trust.

Doctors, experts, the media and our education system continually scolds us for ingesting too much salt.

And we believed them.

But the reality is this: it is the lack of (the proper) salt that is making us sick, tired and unhealthy.

Billion-dollar industries like doctors, dermatologists... even chiropractors only make money when we are sick. Never forget this...

Never forget that when we are healthy and strong, this medical industry does NOT make money.

Brainwashing us into thinking salt is bad for us is a whopper of a lie. Because it is the same salt that actually keeps us healthy.

Are you ready for some GREAT news?

Every single day, I get letters of thanks...

People are discovering that the medical industry is poisoning us with disinformation about salt.

But the good news is we don't have to fall for this illusion anymore. We fight back back ingesting the proper amount of salt.

Before I reveal all of the details, I have a couple of warnings.

First, everyone is different. What works for me might not work for you. I am merely reporting my personal success.

You might not see the same benefits I see. It is possible that my success might fail for you (although this is highly unlikely).

Second, most people make bad choices... they do not work out... they eat crappy foods... or they take medications and drugs. Thus, I am CERTAIN proper salting delivers to us better, faster benefits only when we make good choices.

Finally, I am a big believer in the Fabian Method. It is like the frog-in-boiling water parable. The story says when we put a frog in water and slowly turn up the heat, the frog will not notice and will boil to death...

I HIGHLY recommend the same with salting. Start slow and gradually ramp up your salt intake.

Introducing my salt guy

Frank McManus is my salt guy. He inspired me to conduct this research. And he ingests a whopping 30 grams of salt daily.

When I discovered Frank, he was 55 years old. Yet his body acts half his age - all because of heavy salting.

I can assure you Frank has not died from aggressive salting (not yet at least). He is now a regular, weekly guest host on my talkshow. And he sounds terrific...

Here is EXACTLY how I ease into ingesting more salt to improve my health

I use a salt sole to ingest the right amount of the right salt...

I created a video tutorial to show you how to make one.

Boosting our salt levels require a parallel boost of our body's potassium levels. I either eat a banana and/or drink coconut water - both help boost the intake of this important mineral. (See my recipes for more about this). A baked potato is high in potassium, too.

I recommend slowly increasing the amount of salt ingested. This might take days... or even weeks. Everyone is different.

Here is EXACTLY what to expect once you ramp up your salt intake...

Our bodies are AMAZING vessels. They actually give us hints about our health...

For example, when we need to ingest more salt, most of us drool on our pillow while we sleep. Drooling (technically known as "Sialorrhea") occurs when we are sodium and water deficient.

While you are gradually ramping up your salt intake, a few changes are going to occur:

Your energy level is going to heighten
In fact, you are going to feel like a teenager all over again. And it does not take long... you are going to feel it the first day you start.

Your eyesight is likely to improve
I offer a natural way to improve eyesight without glasses... and upping the salt intake is one of my secret weapons.

You might get a headache
Some people report getting an interesting feeling of both euphoria and a headache at the same time. The good news is this always vanishes within an hour of so.

You might experience a blissful, restful sleep
Lay a pinch of sea salt on your tongue just before you retire for the night to have the most relaxing sleep ever.

You might urinate more often
As your body reacquaints itself to the proper amount of salt, you might frequent the bathroom more often. This should work itself out within a day or so...

If this continues for many days (or weeks), you are most likely ingesting toxic salt and/or have a urinary tract infection. Try switching up the type of salt to see if this makes a difference for you. I take dextrorotatory Monnase and drink lots of pure coconut water to rid myself of any urinary tract infections.

Pimples are probably going to disappear
Most acne (usually) has nothing to do with chocolate binging, stress, clogged pores or poor hygiene. Once again, the medical industry puts out these lies so we buy their cures...

The reality is most acne is a direct result of poor digestion. And salt's main benefit is fixing out digestion problems. And ingesting the proper amount of salt significantly improves our complexion...

My teenage son saw a clearer complexion 6 days after boosting his salt intake.

Here is what to do next...

Upping the intake of salt is only one of several ways to ensure good health.

Another way is to regularly ingest essential minerals.

Click here to read more about this.