I carefully watch feedback for those who have issues with ingesting the right amount of the right salt.

Here are my up-to-the-minute notes:

An ounce of salt per day
Frank recommends ingesting a LOT of salt.

He claims salt remedies all ills over time. The more the merrier.

And this may be true for Frank...

But I (and a few friends I know) experimented with significantly upping our dose of salt.

And we all felt weird - even ill.

There is no doubt that ingesting the right amount of the right type of salt offers many health benefits.

And it is true that our body expels salt we do not need.

But my official stance is that too much salt is just as bad as too little salt.

I look for the sweet spot - take enough salt to end night-time pillow drooling. And limit the amount once our body has us urinate too frequently.

How frequent is too frequent?

For me, it is needing to pee in the middle of the night that gets me to scale down my salt intake.

Rheumatoid arthritis
Some with Rheumatoid arthritis claim ingesting more salt worsened symptoms.

I am guessing most people who suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis also take pharmaceutical drugs.

I am 100% drug free. No legal or illegal drug use for my body - the side effects are too much to deal with.

I would bet my life savings that proper salting works better than taking any drugs (or supplements).

I would recommend slowly eliminating all prescription drugs for better health.

Doctors are going to say this is irresponsible.

But they say it, because doctors only make money when we appear to be sick.